Yushikan History

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The Yushikan Dojo  is first, and foremost, Jones Sensei own personal training space. It is his piece of Okinawa here in America. With that being said, The dojo is a small private dojo, It holds several distinctions as an Goeikai and a Renseikai Shibu Dojo and Hozonkai Hombu Dojo.

The development of the dojo began in January 2, 1994 with the establishment of a club at the YMCA in Marion, Indiana by Mike Jones. Previous to this time Sensei Jones was the appointed Chief Instructor at the Komakai Academy Marion, with the closure of the Marion location, Sensei Jones founded our dojo. The Yushikan had satellite locations in Gas City, Upland, and Sweetser during the 1990s. In 1995 Sensei also opened the Carmel location. From 2015-2019 Sensei opened the Okinawan Martial Arts Center as a public location in Marion, Indiana.

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Since 2006 the dojo has been located on the same property as Jones Sensei’s home. The dojo is surrounded by a beautiful Japanese Garden and Koi Pond, walking into the dojo is like being transported to Okinawa. There are no distractions that would occur in a commercial setting.  Our dojo is dedicated to training in Okinawan empty-hand and weapon martial arts. Our goals in training are the development of the practitioners’ body, mind, and spirit and the improvement of self-defense skills through the practice of traditional Okinawan martial arts. We train in a non-competitive environment; each member works not only to improve themselves, but to help the other members improve as well. (Although if a student chooses to compete in tournaments sensei will assist them). The Yushikan is used for private instruction and Instructor training.  We also have branch dojo and study groups across North America.