Hosting a seminar in your school or area can not only increase your knowledge, but also has many other benefits as well.

Seminars help to generate excitement among your students, break up the old routine, expand the knowledge base of both you and your students, create publicity and more awareness of your school which could also result in new enrollments.

Sensei Jones is available for seminars year-round.  They can be on a single area of the martial arts, or on multiple subjects.

Popular Seminar Topics Include: (but are not limited too)

Okinawan Goju-Ryu:
Two person drills
Hojo Undo
Ude Tanren

Ryukyu Kobujutsu:
Bo, Sai, Tonfa, Kama, Eiku, Tekko, Techu, Tenbi/Rochin, ect.
moving drills
Tow person drills

Iaido and Jodo:
two person drills

Jujutsu / Aikijujutsu:
Traditional Japanese Jujutsu and Aikijujutsu
Fighting Applications & Tactics
Goshin Jujutsu

Self Defense / Law Enforcement Physical (Defensive) Tactics:
PTS, PPCT, Manadnock systems
Fighting Applications & Survival Tactics
Women’s Self Defense – Stand Up
Women’s Self Defense – On the Ground


The cost of a seminar in the United States consists of the appropriate training fee, plus the cost of travel for Mike Jones and preferably one assistant, food and logging (one hotel room with two beds is acceptable). Please contact sensei to discuss the fee and particulars.

Seminar host (that’s you) can charge what ever they want at the door, and keep 100% of what comes in after expenses.

We will look into the flight info for you, and give your our preferred flight plan, while keeping as low cost as we can.  Typically we fly in a day or two before the seminar so that we can work with the host privately, as well as rest up from travel if need be… and check out your neck of the woods :)

Obviously it is in the hosts best interest to advertise the seminar in order to get the best attendance possible, and recover their initial costs.  In order to help with that, we will create a flier for you to advertise with, list the seminar on our website and post it in our monthly E-Newsletters.  We will also make a FaceBook event, and we encourage you to do the same.

All we need is a seminar date.  Once we receive conformation of payment for travel arrangements, we will send out a public announcement of your seminar right away.

We Want To See Your Seminar

Be a Success!