Little Warriors

little warriors

Our Little Warriors Program is an active and exciting program filled with Karate skills that build strengths children ages 5 to 8 years old need to grow healthy, strong, focused and successful! Age appropriate training curriculum and materials help foster great things in your child!

Our Little warriors program is a co-ed fun filled class specifically structured for children 5 to 8 years old. Emphasis on this class is on learning and developing skills such as: Listening, respect, manners, discipline, enthusiasm, self esteem, positive attitude, following directions, peer interaction, motor skills, hand-eye coordination, muscular development, and mental/body awareness. Karate techniques and stranger awareness defense are in with the discipline and fun.

Set your young child on a course for healthy habits, self-respect, and physical fitness throughout his or her life training at the Okinawan Martial Arts Center! Our Martial Arts school is the premiere place in East Central Indiana where young children come to develop useful, lifelong skills in a safe and stress-free environment designed for children. Life skills taught here instill ages 5 to 8 years with positive traits and behaviors like self-confidence, courtesy, respect, and self-discipline.

Children develop and carry out these life skills while they are simultaneously developing kids4mentally, physically, and emotionally. Starting your child in a quality Martial Arts program at an early age greatly assists in their growth and development. The skills and techniques they learn are useful not only at our dojo, but tend to shine through at home, school, and other daily settings. Teachers will definitely notice a difference in your child! Social skills, communication, and awareness are all highly valued traits in society and are a large part of our Little Warrior Karate program.

From respect to self-discipline, Okinawan martial Arts Center provides students with “hands on” practice of good values in the Little Warriors Karate curriculum. Students training at OMAC learn to respect peers and siblings as well as teachers, parents, and other elders. Our team of friendly, experienced instructors truly believe in strengthening the mind and body of each student in our community as a way to create leaders and improve society for everyone. Another focus of our Little Warriors Karate program is preparing children for their academic school years. Teachers and parents agree that the attentiveness, thoughtfulness, and discipline are big advantages for students in the classroom, at home, and in social settings. For example, OMAC classes will teach students to memorize the steps to perform each karate technique for proper execution. Practice makes perfect in helping children learn memorization skills required for excellence in academics, athletics, and other important pursuits throughout their lives.