Juniors Program

Using innovative methods—and just the right amount of fun—we teach our Juniors life skills and physical skills that will benefit them now and as they grow into adults.We emphasize non-violent conflict resolution and teach children to recognize and avoid lures and threats. Our curriculum is also designed to ensure that children (juniors) are prepared–both mentally and physically–to neutralize physical threats.

OMAC’s certified instructors’ teaching methods have been designed to ensure that juniors learn quickly and retain what they learn. Our methods help children explore and understand conflict through role-play and other exercises

Build your child’s strength, balance, coordination and Flexibility!
Watch as your child’s focus, attention span and concentration builds up!
Your child will build strong character, self discipline, respect for others and more!!

In addition to solid self defense skills and anti-bully methods our program will build many benefits that will last your child the rest of their life. Our program nurtures and builds respect for one’s self and for others. In turn we reward students who exemplify the character traits of Karate training in their daily lives at the dojo.

Parent’s Frequently Asked Questions…

How old does my child need to be to start Karate training?
We have programs available for children ages 3 and older. Our Little Warriors Program is available for 5 to 8 year old. Our Juniors Karate program is designed for children ages 9 and above.

How often do classes meet and does my child need to attend?
We hold classes every Monday, and Wednesday evenings. The key is to schedule your Karate training time to help with goal setting and making sure your child gets the most out of the program.

What will my child need to participate in classes? What do they wear?
In Karate we wear a uniform, called a Gi, that is designed for safety and training purposes. Every new student will purchase a uniform from our proshop to attend classes. After a month or so students will need to purchase sparring gear from our dojo as well. Sparring gear is for training strikes and kicks with other students during classes.

Will Karate make my child violent?
Absolutely not. This is a common misconception about martial arts training. With the professional instructors at our dojo we emphasize only using the skills being taught when we they have no choice. One the primary aspects of good, traditional Karate program is build character which develops the ability to control one’s actions. In short your child will learn when it is alright to use their skills and when it is not acceptable.

My child isn’t athletic or sport oriented at all. Can they still do Karate?
Of course they can…and they should! Inside of our dojo you will find students in all shapes, sizes and from all walks of life. Each one develops on their own getting direction from the Sensei. We realize that each child is different from the next and Karate training was developed to help everyone regardless of their fitness level or ability. No one will sit on the bench in our dojo either! This means that everyone participates and is encouraged to grow by the Sensei.

Do children actually hit one another? How safe is the training?
Karate training is a contact environment but we heavily monitor and control the amount contact being permitted in the training. One of the key aspects we emphasize in our dojo is respect for others. Attempting to harm a fellow student is never permitted at anytime. Karate training has far less injuries than other activities that children often participate in. It is very safe as full contact striking is never permitted and children learn how to control, focus and execute their techniques properly.

Will Karate help my child at home? at school?
The answer is Yes! Our students have shown huge increases in their attention, focus to detail and improved grades. It is also proven that Karate training will help them learn how to listen better as well as respect those who are in a position of authority. The key is to make sure your child attends their two classes a week and remain informed of events and things at the dojo. When the dojo, the Sensei and the parents all work together the results are amazing. Karate will not be an overnight miracle though. Typically it takes about one to two years of training to truly build life long skills that will help your child grow productive and successful outside of the dojo as well as inside too.

What are some of the benefits?

Improved Focus
Goal Setting
Self Discipline
Good Manners
The Habit of Success
Life Skills
Physical Skills
Non-Violent Conflict Resolution
Awareness of Danger – Lures, Threats
Self-defense…     and…     Fun!

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