Marion and Grant County, Indiana’s best martial arts instruction. Licensed, Authentic & Excellent!

The Okinawan Martial Arts Center is a family owned school that has been teaching Traditional Okinawan Karate and Kobudo for almost 40 years! We are all about YOUR family.

Our staff of dedicated, caring black belts offer incredible martial arts classes for people ranging in age 5 to 100! From our Little Warrior’s program to the Junior Karate program and into the Adult program you will gain incredible benefits to last a lifetime! 

Our main goal is to help your child to become a Leader. Increasing your child’s motor skills, attention span, discipline, focus, and “remembering” is an essential part of our Leadership Training. We take our goals seriously … with fun, care, and love.

Send your child back to school with confidence! The martial arts teaches Respect, Focus, Concentration and the power of a positive mental attitude.

We have several programs and try to tailor one around your needs: Individual and Family Plans Available. Please make your choice below;

Little Warrior’s Program          Junior Program               Adult Program        Family Program

For more details please call to schedule a FREE no obligation consultation.