A little bit About Us

About US – The Yushikan is a private family owned and operated traditional martial arts school. Our family opened it’s first studio over 40 years ago and we have three generations of the Jones family that have learned karate and have achieved instructor status.  The Jones family LOVES the art of karate and that is the main reason why we had the largest and most successful martial arts school in Grant County before we decided to go private. Our program is not at all just about our own family. Over the past 40 years we have also trained many “non-family” instructors. They are incredibly qualified on their own merit and we are privileged to have them work with us toward the goal of sharing what true martial arts is all about.

The programs at Yushikan are goal-oriented, using positive motivation, which helps children learn “stick-to-it” attitude. The increase in a child’s self-confidence and self-discipline is noticeable to parents almost immediately. Most parents report improvement in concentration, which results in better academic performance.

“The Yushikan is a Private family owned school that has been teaching traditional Okinawan Karate for over 40 years! We are all about YOUR family.”